Marks Percentage Calculator

Marks Percentage Calculator

Welcome to the Marks Percentage Calculator. Here we can calculate the Marks Percentage you received on your exam or test.

To calculate the Marks Percentage, we need the "Scored Marks" which is your score, and the "Out of Marks" which is the highest possible score for the exam.

Scored Marks:
Out of Marks:
Marks Percentage:

Do you want to know how to find percentage of marks? Do you want to know how our Marks Percentage Calculator works and what Marks Percentage Formula it uses? You are in luck. Here is how to calculate percentage of marks:

Percent means out of 100, and your exam or test may be out of a number other than 100. Therefore, we can make the following equation to convert your score to Marks Percentage.

Scored Marks
Out of Marks
Marks Percentage

Now, we solve the equation above for "Marks Percentage" to get our Marks Percentage Formula:

Marks Percentage  = 
Scored Marks × 100
Out of Marks

That is all there is to it! To calculate your Marks Percentage, we simply multiply your score by 100 and then divide it by the total score possible.

Note: Our Marks Percentage Calculator is rounded to the nearest one hundredth if necessary.

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