Mortgage Calculator UK

Mortgage Calculator UK

Welcome to the Mortgage Calculator UK. This calculator will calculate how many pounds the monthly mortgage payment will be for buyers of flats, cottages, and houses in the UK.

To use the Mortgage Calculator UK, you need four pieces of information: the house price, your down payment (deposit), the interest rate you can get from your bank, and the length of your mortgage in years.

Please submit the information below to see how much you will pay for your new home.

House Price:  pounds.
Deposit (if any):  pounds.
Interest Rate:  %
Length of Mortgage:  years.
Your monthly repayment will be: pounds.

Be aware that there are other costs that may apply when getting a mortgage in the UK, such as stamp duty, arrangement fees, and booking fees.

Thank you for using the Mortgage Calculator UK. We hope you found it useful, and please contact us if you have any questions about UK mortgages or any suggestions on how to make our calculator better.

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