UK PayPal Fee Calculator

UK PayPal Fee Calculator

When you sell something in the UK and you use PayPal to complete the transaction, PayPal will charge you (the seller) a fee. Last time we checked with PayPal, this fee was 2.9% + £0.30.

This UK PayPal Fee Calculator will calculate the PayPal fee and how much you will get from the transaction, based on the fee mentioned above.

This calculator will also calculate what you should charge the buyer if you want the buyer to pay the PayPal fee. We assume both the buyer and the seller are located in the United Kingdom.

Please enter the price of the product or service you are selling to get started.

Enter the price of what you are selling:  pounds.
The total PayPal fee is pounds.
You will receive pounds after the fees have been subtracted.
Set the price at pounds if you want the buyer to pay the PayPal fee.

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