3/17 inches on a tape measure

Inches on a tape measure

Where is 3/17 inches on a tape measure? Being able to accurately pinpoint where 3/17 inches is on a tape measure may be crucial to getting your job done correctly. No worries! This is where we will show you exactly where on a tape measure 3/17 inches is located.

If you look closely at a tape measure, you will see that each inch is separated with fifteen marks, making sixteen equal parts per inch.

To show you 3/17 inches on our tape measure, we first stretched out our tape measure and then marked 3/17 inches with a red line and a red dot. Here is 3/17 inches on a tape measure:

3/17 inches on a tape measure

As you can see from the image above illustrating 3/17 inches on a tape measure, the top half of our tape measure shows inches and the bottom half shows centimeters.

Inches on a Tape Measure
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3/18 inches on a tape measure
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