Pints in Litres Converter

Pints in Litres

This page will show you how to convert any amount of pints to litres. Before we continue, note that there is only one kind of litre, but we are referring to Imperial pints (UK pints). Therefore, when we say pints in litres, we mean UK pints (pt) in litres (l).

One pint is exactly 454609/800000 litres. Therefore, to convert pints to litres, we multiply pints by 454609/800000. Here is the pints to litres formula:

pints × 454609/800000 = litres

That's all there is to it. We used the formula above to make the Pints to Litres Converter below. Please enter the pints measurement that you want to convert to litres:


Here are some examples of what this converter can calculate and convert for you:

1 pint in litres

1.5 pints in litres

2 pints in litres

4 pints in litres

3 pints in litres

5 pints in litres

8 pints in litres

10 pints in litres

0.75 pints in litres

1.25 pints in litres

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