Round £3.50 to the nearest pound

Round to Nearest Pound

Here we will explain and show you a fast and uncomplicated way to round £3.50 to the nearest pound.

The key to rounding any amount of pounds is to look at the fractional pence amount, which in this case is 50 pence. Furthermore, the rule is that you round down if it is less than 50 pence, and you round up if it is 50 or more pence.

£3.50 rounded down to the nearest pound is £3, and £3.50 rounded up to the nearest pound is £4. Because 50 pence is 50 or more, we round £3.50 up to get it rounded to the nearest pound:

£3.50 ≈ £4

Round to the Nearest Pound Calculator
Please use the tool below to round another amount to the nearest pound.


Round £3.51 to the nearest pound
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